Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Junior Boy

This is Junior.

With his creamy body and floppy white ears, he looks exactly like a Labrador Retriever.

But is he really one? 

I guess short of a detailed examination into his DNA, we'll never know. 

Junior was rescued as a puppy from an industrial estate. 

In April this year, he came to board with us at Gentle Paws. 

His time at the shelter was short, but with his clumsy ways and handsome face,  Junior captured the hearts of many volunteers.

It was clear that he was particularly close to two of our regulars, Nana and Andrew. He would trot behind them whenever they entered his compound, his wagging tail working on overdrive.

We thought Junior was about two years when he joined us at the shelter.

But he quickly proved that our predictions were wrong, because boy was he one hungry dog.

Junior ate. And he ate. And he ate.

He was as hungry as only a puppy can be.

And our Wee happily fed. And fed. And fed. "He's going to be a big, strong boy," I remember Wee declaring to us all with a twinkle in his eye.

Food was so important to the silly dog that he would sometimes squabble with his bunk mates (ie DakDakDei) over food, causing his lovely unblemished face to be filled with battle wounds.

See the wounds?

In some instances, the fights got quite serious and we had to pull them apart. I recall our tender-hearted Nana hugging him to her and gently chastising him whenever he emerged from his battle, blood dripping from his wounds.

Our Junior is one busybody who loves putting his nose in other dogs' business.

When he sees Dooney jumping into the water, he would create a splash of his own.

When he sees other dogs run to fetch a ball, he would follow suit, his ears flapping behind him as he surged forward.

He was a copydog but an extremely adorable one at that.

One fine Furry Day on 30th July, Junior was assigned to a volunteer Tony and his son.

They were Americans and their family had just arrived in Singapore the previous Thursday. Tony's wife was transferred to Singapore and they would be here for a four year stint.

It took all of one Furry Day for Tony to fall in love with Junior.

He dropped us an email, indicating his intentions.

Junior is only about a year old or so. What's going to happen to Junior when you leave for America? We asked in reply to his email.

In response, Tony informed us that he had done his due diligence and that there was nothing prohibiting him from bringing Junior back home with them.

When they leave for the USA, Junior would too.

And so we organised the homestay, which quickly became permanent.

At his new home, with his new family.

Nana, Andrew and all of us were most sorry to see Junior go. In his four months at the shelter, he brought much laughter to our lives.

But we were comforted to know that Junior was headed to a better place. Shelter life was tough for him. With warm house to call his own, Junior would no longer be involved in fights at the shelter. His battle days had come to an end. No more scars for this silly boy.

Most importantly, he is well-loved by Tony and his family. For that, we are absolutely grateful.

Onward Junior to your new life and home. But do know that wherever life takes you, America or otherwise, we'll always be here rooting for you.

You've got a friend in us!

Gentle Paws


  1. Wonderful story :) Made my rainy Monday morning a little brighter - Brian

  2. I saw this a little late, but I still wanna leave a comment and say that I'm really so happy to see that Junior found such a good home <3


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