Saturday, June 26, 2010


Think of your favourite activity... and then imagine life without it. That's what our dogs constantly feel.

To a dog, a walk is everything. It's a time when they go out into the real world, sniffing every inch of the grass, every tree trunk and lamp post, communicating with dogs who have come and gone. During that short fifteen to twenty minutes, they are no longer confined within the four walls of the shelter. The world is theirs to conquer and they trot about like the most important creatures on earth.

In good months, the dogs at Gentle Paws get a walk once a week. In bad ones, some go without walks for up to three weeks to a month. This probably explains why the moment we so much as hold a leash, our entire clan starts barking their heads off, as if to say... Take me! Bring me! Iam the dog who deserves a walk!

Very often, we have had to disappoint. But we hate to do so. You see, a dog wants a walk... but more importantly, a dog needs a walk. How much exercise can a dog get being cooped up in the shelter? Sure we feed them well, but how are they going to work off all the pent-up energy they build up without a good long walk?

On a good weekend, we have about 6 volunteers come down. 3 remain behind to wash the rooms, mend the flooring, do the dishes and sometimes shower for the dogs. The remaining 3 are left to walk as many dogs as their stamina allows them to. The less experienced can only handle one excited dog at a time. Even the more experienced can only take up to 3 dogs at a go. We are shorthanded in this area and we confess... we need some help.

This is why, after much reflection, we are introducing our Pledge-A-Walk (PAW) Program! You don't need to be rich or have cash to spare in order to lend us a helping hand. We just need you to be there at Gentle Paws, ready for a walk or two. The PAW Program involves pledging a regular walk for a particular dog (or more)... It might be once a week or once a fortnight... or if you are busy, even once a month.

We have a dream, a great big dream that our furkids are able to go for long satisfying walks and come back so exhausted they go straight for their water bowls and then flop down on their belly for a snooze.

Visitors to our shelter sometimes come down to our shelter looking a little lost and feeling a little helpless. So let us tell you, this is where you can make a world of a difference. Fulfill a dog's dream... fulfill our dream... Pledge a walk today!

If you're interested in making making a pledge to our furkids (of course we won't hold you to it if you can't make it sometimes!), do drop us an email at This is not meant to sound preachy... it's something we truly believe in... Regular volunteering is good for the soul. If you haven't tried it and you feel like your life is a little empty, please! Come on board our PAW Program and make a friend for life!

(All photos are credited to Sebastian and other volunteers who have uploaded their photos one time or another.)


  1. Hi,

    My bf and I are currently studying in Perth. We would love to be a dog walker or even a volunteer at your shelter. We have no formal training in dog-walking (except walking my bf's dog @ Sembawang).

    We will be back in late June for a month and would love to give our time to these dogs.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    my email @ is


  2. Hello,

    I have interest in volunteering to take care of dogs.

    As well as walking dogs.

    wanted to do something for these cute and lovely creatures.

    looking forward to your reply.

    my email is



  3. Hi,
    I am very interested in helping out to take care of the dogs as I wish to make a difference in the life of these amazing creatures. However I am only 14, but I still wish I can do something to help out.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    My email is

  4. Hi,

    I am interested in volunteering to walk the dogs.
    Please let me know if I can help at


  5. Hi, I am interested to volunteer to walk the dogs. Please let me know how I can help. I have never walked a dog before though, but I am willing to try, I'm not afraid of animals but just was never allowed to keep one.


    contact me at :)

  6. Hi.
    I am interested to walk the dogs too.
    I love dogs but not allowed to keep one.

    Please let me know if I can help at

    Thank you. :)

  7. hi,
    i am very interested to walk the dogs
    i love dogs alot

    please let me know if i can help in anyway
    my email is

  8. Hi,
    i am interested to walk the dogs too

    Please let me know if i can help
    email :

  9. Hi,
    i am interested to join the program and walk the dogs.
    Please let me know if i can help

  10. Morning,
    Like the rest above, i too am interested to join this program to help walk the dogs.
    Here's my contact:
    Love to hear from you soon

  11. Hi,
    i am interested to volunteer to walk the dogs.
    my contact :
    thanks. :)

  12. where can i sign up ? because, i doesnt have any dogs in my life. And i want to volunteer to walk the dogs . But i dont have any experience to walk the dog. but i really willing to learn. this is my email add i can make it any of the days only on de weekend.

  13. Hi, I am interested to join the program and walk the dogs. I like dogs alot but is unable to have one since my other family members do not like dogs.
    Please email me at . I'll be glad to help out:)

  14. Hello! Although i have no experience in walking a dog, i would love to volunteer to walk the dogs.
    I am a huge dog lover but am not allowed to keep one. Please tell me how i can help.
    Kindly email me at
    I would be available at least once a week! Thank you:)

  15. Hello!! just came across this site and I am really interested in helping out! I would love to walk a dog and help make a difference. However I am only 13 but I would still like to contribute. i do not have any prior experience but i am willing to learn! Please kindly email me at
    Thank you^-^

  16. Hello, Im interested to bring the dogs for a walk too :) let me know if I can anyways. You can email me at Thank you.

  17. Hi, I would like to volunteer for this. Please email me at

  18. Hi. I am very much interested in volunteering myself for PAW activities. Please do email me at

  19. Hello, I am very interested in this event, but I don't have much experience walking a dog. I really wanna help out and volunteer myself. Please do email me at

  20. please drop me a note at My family and I are interested to help out and volunteer to walk dogs.

  21. Kindly contact me at or 92727084. My friends and I would like to set aside time to walk the dogs on 17 May'14 afternoon. Thanks for giving us a chance! :)


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