Sponsor Our Dogs

Can't adopt a dog because of your lifestyle, housing constraints or family commitment?

Can't come down to volunteer on a regular basis but want to help?

We are always on the look out for sponsorship - be it by way of financial contributions or in kind. 

Food and rent cost us at least S$100 per dog per month depending on the number of dogs at the shelter at the time. 

We also incur expenditure on costly but essential miscellaneous items like Frontline and Heartgard. 

Medical expenses like their annual vaccination and heart worm testing are run of the mill expenditure we incur every year. What is most financially draining on us are the unpredictable medical costs that crop up during the course of the year. 

In the first half of 2014 alone, we spent approximately S$27,000 on vet fees. 

We rescued 10 puppies in the 6 months. They all needed to be vaccinated thrice, spayed or neutered. Some of them came to us with existing problems, ranging from babesia, dermodex and burns. 

One of our dogs was diagnosed with the first local case of pythiosis infection. We lost a dog to heatstroke. We took in a neighbouring dog with kidney failure. 

One of our girls needed immunotherapy treatment for a persistent skin condition that was causing much discomfort. Another dog just couldn't recover from her bad bout of aural hematoma. One of our older dogs needed a carthrophen jab each month for her hips. 

Additional fees were incurred for hospitalization, emergency treatment and specialist consultation. There was also the cremation expenses when our dogs fail to pull through. 

It was rough. 

Providing optimum care for all our dogs has never been easy. 

We certainly can do with all the help we can get. 

If you are keen to sponsor our dogs financially each month, please email us at farmwaylove@gmail.com. We would be most happy to provide you with our bank details. A regular monthly contribution will lend much stability to our shelter operations. There is no fixed sum because no amount is too small. 

If you are keen to sponsor us in kind, please drop us an email at the above email address too. We can arrange for sponsorship of a range of items such as canned food, meat (for cooking their daily meals) or items like Frontline. A regular inflow of these items would truly be much appreciated. 

If you wish to arrange for a visit to the shelter before deciding on sponsorship, you have our full support. Just drop us an email and we would be most pleased to fix a date for you to come down. We believe your financial support ought to be made from an informed consideration of our set up, our mission and our goals. Come take a look at the dogs that you will be helping with your contribution and the home that we are doing our best to create for them. 

If your finances don't allow for sponsorship, do not fret. Just head over to our Pledge a Walk page to find out how you can give in other ways that count. 

For any further queries on sponsorship, we may be contacted at farmwaylove@gmail.com. 

Thank you!