Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hercules is home

Hercules, or Hercs as he is affectionately known amongst us, is all of nine years old.

His family migrated away from Singapore and after nine years of home life, Hercs was headed to the shelter.

Despite giving him time to settle down, Hercules never fully adapted to shelter life.

He was always wet from sitting in a puddle of water and was usually found just behind the metal fence, gazing out wistfully. He kept to himself and didn't make other canine friends at the shelter.

Even when some of the regulars treated him to a grooming session and a swim to lift his spirits, Hercs still appeared slightly melancholy.

One fine day, we received a random email that changed the course of Hercules' life once more. Jamie wrote in to us, briefly informing us that she thought they might be the right family for Hercules.

A chance for Hercules? Could it be? I recall the flicker of hope in my heart as I read the email.

Florence got back to Jamie and that set the whole process in motion.

Jamie and her gorgeous family came down to take a look at Hercules and decided to take him back for a home stay.

The home stay proved successful.

Jamie and her family were informed that Hercules was getting on in years, but that did not deter them from bringing him home. They were content to make the last years of Hercules' life his very best ones.

When we went to visit Hercules at his new home, he was a changed dog. As he ran towards us, we all gasped in amazement. Our Hercs hardly ever ran! Who was this spunky young dog before us?

We had truly never seen him so active and oh so happy in all his time at the shelter. The wistfulness in his eyes was gone, replaced by a new, unfamiliar shine. His new home was huge, with a sprawling house and a large field for him to frolick. His new family, consisting of Jamie, her husband and their four lovely kids, was wonderful with him.

In our conversation with Jamie, she told us that she learnt of Gentle Paws through a flier we posted on the notice board of a Cold Storage branch a long time ago. If I don't recall wrongly, the flier was put up last December for our Adoption Drive. It was long buried under other new notices.

Because they had just moved to Singapore and Jamie needed to be resourceful, she took a moment to flip through all the notices on the noticeboard at Cold Storage that day. When she came across the Gentle Paws flier, she took down our email address and stuffed the scrap of paper in her trouser pocket.

Some time later, she found that scrap of paper and dropped us a mail.

And the rest, dear readers, is history.

So you see, it was meant to be. Hercules was meant to find this new family of his.

Thank you for giving Hercules a home and a family, Jamie. Just when we thought all was lost for Hercules, you came along with your lovely family and set things right for him.

Come what may, we wish your family and Hercules all the joy in the world. We'll always be here whenever you need us.

Gentle Paws

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