Monday, August 29, 2011

Food for thought

10 packs of Eukanuba kibbles, weighing 15 kg each, were quietly sent to our shelter one fine afternoon. We were in a happy dilemma figuring out where to store the kibbles in our cramped store room.

It turns out that, a group of 13 individuals and a grooming salon, INU-PETZ, had pooled their resources together to make this generous contribution.

The Send a Bowl of Love Campaign equates each bowl of love to 220g of kibbles. To put things in perspective, this group of individuals, together with INU-PETZ, contributed a total of 150,000g of kibbles or 681 bowls of love alone!

With 40 mouths to feed, food is always received with open arms at Gentle Paws.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the following for this generous contribution. Thank you for going the extra mile to ensure that our dogs have their bellies happily filled.

赖华宗, 何瑞庆, 姚荃富, 黄清强, 黄佩琪, 王光晖, 黄士玮, 何细荷, Joyce Sor, 李俊有, 邝美兰, 林泽荣, 梁定发 and INU-PETZ Grooming Salon. 

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