Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Royal Farewell

Our little Princess has been adopted after these few months at the shelter! It's been a mere few weeks but that pretty girl already seems quite attached to her new family.

Princess wasn't always so happy. When she first arrived, she looked tired and was a little apprehensive. She wouldn't move out of her crate. Even if she did, she would immediately return to it. We suspected Princess wasn't used to roaming in large spaces.

But as days turned to weeks, this seven year old cocker spaniel began to reveal her exuberant, clumsy and joyful nature. Her short fur began to grow out and with each day, she started looking more beautiful.

This golden girl loves people and it didn't take her long to tumble head over heels in love with one of our regulars, Wei Feng. Princess trotted behind Wei Feng wherever she went. When she caught a whiff of Wei Feng, she would run around in circles in excitement.

The way Princess set her heart on Wei Feng was inexplicable. Perhaps Wei Feng was the first to offer her a little kindness that had been lacking in her life for so long. Perhaps Wei Feng was the first to take this homeless little dog into her arms and show her some love. Whatever the reason, the undying devotion that Princess had for Wei Feng was both amusing and very very heartwarming.

I am sure they will be miss each other dearly. But us shelter helpers have always got to be prepared for our dogs leaving us for greener pastures. We're extremely happy for Princess and we wish this lovely little girl all the best in her new home. You've got one whole family to call your own now! We hope they will love you as much as we know you will love them with all your loyal doggie heart.

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