Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Water Dish

There are so many pet shops around selling dog kibbles. Large, small. Physical, online.

Supply is very plainly more than demand in a city like Singapore.

Have you ever wondered about where all the spare kibbles go as the months go by and the kibbles are reaching expiry date?

We don't know about the rest, but we sure know where the extra kibbles at The Water Dish go.

A good bit of it - including kibbles, canned food and leashes - has been generously given to the furkids at Gentle Paws and for that we are immensely grateful.

The Water Dish is a one of a kind online pet supply store that believes in the importance of good pet ownership and raising awareness of the plight of abandoned animals.

It is also the official corporate sponsor of the very laudable Love Kuching Project which plays an active role in helping to manage stray cats through sterilisation, rescue sick or abandoned animals and promote pet adoption.

To find out more, please wait no further and go check out

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