Monday, January 31, 2011

Furry Moments

Want a closer look at furry day January? We have more pictures fresh out of the oven!

The shots are lovely and capture some fleeting moments that are so poignant but so easy to miss. Special thanks go to Jialing and Jiehao for the pictures this furry day. They are more than words can ever express.

The date for the next furry day has not been set. We will keep you posted on Facebook and the blog. We hope the rainy season lets up so that the next furry day will be as enjoyable as the last. It has been so cold lately that we constantly worry about our poor dogs having to brave the wind, the lashing rain and the cold concrete floor.

May the sun find its way through the dark gray clouds and the warmth of the sun's rays embrace the furkids once more. It's the holiday season again and we wish one and all a very happy, very loud and very traditional Chinese New Year!

The furkids say... Gong Xi, Gong Xi.

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