Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The SOS Fund: An Update

Enough of being down and dreary! We've got to get the show on the road. Recently, we've been hit by a series of unfortunate events. It was tough, it was depressing but we've got to go on. That's what Dollar and Daixi would have wanted. And that's what we're gonna do.

Thank you for your response to the SOS Fund! We've been busy attending to emails which explains the lack of blog posts. Animal lovers, more specifically dog lovers, are one of a kind. We're neither kith nor kin. Some of you have never even been down to the shelter before. Yet, you've opened your hearts to our furry friends all the same and have given ever so generously. You guys are our kindred spirits and we don't know how we can thank you enough.

Out of the $12,544.16 incurred from sending Daixi, Dollar, Doris, Bobby, Diya, DDD, Dillon and Xena to the vet, in addition to the prescription of Vitamin K which costs about $8 per dog per day, we have managed to raise $5840 from the SOS Fund.

There's still a noticeable shortfall. And for that, the SOS Fund remains open. We're doing our part as well. As some of you may already know, we have been selling the Gentle Paws and Friends 2011 Calendar. Sales have been pretty good and we're almost out of calendars. We are also preparing for the sale of our Gentle Paws T-shirt, the printing of which has been kindly sponsored by one of our volunteers. In the months leading up to the end of the year, we have a flea market lined up. We are also broaching the idea of an online flea to sell items donated by you kind souls out there. We have no idea how all this will pan out but we just gotta try. The sum incurred is not small and we're doing the best that we can.

Thank you for all the help given so whole-heartedly. We're not a registered charity. We simply have neither the manpower nor expertise to be one. By contributing to the SOS Fund, you're taking a leap of faith in us. For that, we are grateful. We've organised all the receipts and placed them in a file at the shelter. Should any of you need to refer to it, please feel free to let us know when you come down to the shelter. We'll be more than pleased to show them to you for verification.

Some of you write in to us asking if a contribution of a certain sum is enough. To that, let us tell you that every sum makes a difference. As the famous Helen Keller once said,

I am only one,
but still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but still I can do something,
and I will not refuse to do
the something I can do. 

You have not refused and for that we are absolutely grateful. Besides thank you, we don't know what more we can say. Do come down to the shelter and take a look at the dogs that you're helping. I am certain they want to be your friend too. With this, I'm signing off with the gentle reminder that the SOS Fund remains open.

Thank you once more.

With love,
Gentle Paws and Friends

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