Friday, November 5, 2010

New Residents at GPF

We don't often have new residents at Gentle Paws. As it is, we already have too much to cope with in terms of medical expenses. Overcrowding is a problem too. But now and then, we will come across a case or two or three that we simply cannot find in our hearts to reject.

Meet the three new faces at Gentle Paws and learn the story behind these irresistible faces.

1) Baby

This is Baby. She was found abandoned, literally thrown away near where Gentle Paws is located on 12 September 2010. It doesn't seem like it from the pictures but Baby is actually a Silky Terrier cross. A check with the vet tells us she is about 6 years old. Baby is no normal dog. She's made of tougher things. This girl is both blind and deaf. We couldn't walk away from her after we found her. Life, as it was, had been unkind enough.

We sent Baby to the vet where her eyes were treated. The success of the operation remains to be seen. So far, the outstanding sum incurred for Baby is $2,900. $2,800 was the cost of her eye operation and $100 was for the follow-up consultation. The figure could have been higher but the vet, taking sympathy on Baby's sorry state, agreed to subsidise almost half the price. If you are interested to learn more about Baby or how you can help, please drop us an email at Given her fragile state, Baby is currently being fostered. We will be posting pictures of her in the weeks to come. The pictures you see are taken in the very first week after she was rescued.

2) Didi

Next up on the list is our precocious boy Didi (or little brother in Mandarin). That wasn't his name when he first arrived. He didn't have one, we were told. From what we learnt, this pure bred Jack Russell spent all his life in a toilet in his owner's house. His owner finally gave up on him a few months ago and boarded him with the farm. He never came back for his dog. Helpless, the farm scouted around for someone to take this homeless boy in. That's where we came in. What was a temporary stay turned out to be permanent.

When you take a look at this little boy, you don't find a trace of resentment in his eyes. He is still ever excited and happy, always craving for human attention. On first sight, it will dawn upon you, just like it did for me, that Didi is the perfect name for him. But therein lies the problem. Being neglected and uncared for most of his life, this tiny dog is unschooled and untrained in the ways of proper doggie behaviour. They say that the Jack Russell is one of the smartest breeds around. It is our hope that Didi will learn to slow down a little and learn some basic commands that will help smooth the path to finding a permanent home for him. We believe that this little boy will get there.

Didi is HDB-approved guys! He holds the record of being our only HDB-approved dog thus far. We're hoping that the myth that our dogs can't get adopted because they're not HDB-approved will prove to be true. We are keeping our fingers tightly crossed.

If anyone of you out there is interested in welcoming a neglected Jack Russell into your heart and home, we urge you to email us at to arrange a visit. We are praying that Didi's stay at Gentle Paws will not be permanent.

3) Princess

Last, but not least, we have Princess. She is a pure bred, 6-8 years old English Cocker Spaniel looking for a new place to call home. She used to stay in a HDB flat with her owner but could stay on no longer because her owner was told by the authorities to remove her from his premises. Princess is not HDB approved. This beautiful brown girl is very gentle, calm and docile. She sits nicely and allows you to pat her head for the longest time. She loves the little bed we made for her and can always be found not far from it.

Princess's owner is boarding her at Gentle Paws and contributing to the expenses for her lodging. Meanwhile, he is desperately trying to find a new home for Princess. If you're keen on taking this girl into your home and treating her like the princess that she is, please drop us an email to arrange a visit.

These are all the new dogs that we can afford to take in. If you're interested in getting to know them, please do come by to visit. We're sure they want to get to know you too!

For more updates on Bobby and Doris, please do check out our facebook page. As promised, we've uploaded some videos to let you guys take a look at how they're carrying on.

Before we go, we would just like to shout out a happy Deepavali to one and all! Have a blast this long weekend.

The pictures with lousier lighting are taken by yours truly - me :( Apologies. The dogs are actually much lovelier in real life! My pictures don't do them justice at all!!

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