Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dior's Birthday: A Recollection

Remember how I mentioned that it was Dior's birthday on 10th November? We spent Sunday celebrating the 3rd birthday of our beloved unladylike Dior. This is not just any birthday! In human years, dear Dior has finally come of age at 21! I just thought of dropping a short note to share with you guys how our mini celebration went.

Florence prepping Dior's birthday cake that was lovingly baked by Ann.

Yay!! Here's the cake, baked with much TLC.

Our birthday girl can wait no more!

The spotlight's on her! But Dior's oblivious of all her friends around her!

It was a small affair but Dior was surrounded by those who loved her. This girl with an elegant name but with such unladylike mannerisms has come a long way. May she learn to sit with her legs closed and may the years to come be filled with joy, laughter and a possibility of a human home. We love you Dior!

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