Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pick them, Choose them, Love them

Hey there! I am sorry for the lack of updates. It's exam season for us tertiary students and I've been busy - or rather, I've been TRYING to mug. While poring languorously through my never ending stack of notes, I suddenly thought that it was time for me to drop a note in the blog.

I'm so glad that there hasn't been anything urgent for me to blog about. The past week or two has been a rather peaceful week. We are gearing up for our Adoption Drive come this December and there are just so many things we have to do! Here's a sneak peek at our preparations. This is our Adoption Drive poster/flyer, lovingly put together by our dearest Choo.

We are a small set up and getting the requisite publicity is so difficult! If you catch a whiff of anyone who might be interested in getting a dog, please get them to come down to our drive and meet our furkids! Even if you can't afford a dog or you already have a pooch for a best friend, you can come down to browse our flea market and get to know the dogs. We'll be selling an assortment of things like jewellery and clothes, just to name a few. Most things are still a work-in-progress, so I can't tell you much as of now. I'll be updating the blog from time to time, to gripe or whine or motivate, so do watch this space!

From the Rehomers, Zeus Communications to Project JK and Madam Wong's Shelter, there are so many people doing such a marvellous job for the dogs in our country. Each time I read about dogs being found or rescued or abandoned, I can't help but wonder why there are so many out there. We just don't see them, do we? Yet unbeknownst to us, so many dogs and puppies are lurking in the background crying out for help. At GPF, we always wish we could do more. But as it is, we already do not have it easy maintaining 37 dogs. We are very thankful that there are so many others out there lending a voice to the dogs in need. Just because strays in Singapore are not seen doesn't mean they shouldn't be heard.

Preparing for the Adoption Drive has made me ponder about such stuff. And it can get real depressing. Nevertheless, we are determined to find at least one good home for one of our dogs. Our country is small, but it surely isn't that small. Some animal lovers often vilify humans and their treatment of animals in our urban city. I like to believe in the good of people. It is often the bad that is highlighted and remembered for years to come. The good is so easily forgotten. Call me naive but I think that if we just look closely enough, kindness is all around. Being involved in Gentle Paws has reaffirmed my view. As such, I am certain there are wonderful kind people out there waiting to open their homes to an adopted furkid. We just need to find them.

If there ever was an appropriate picture to depict the plight of shelter dogs, I think this is it.

They're always behind a fence, looking out. Here, our Emily is caught looking at the locked gate and wondering. Of what, I shall leave you to ponder about while I hit the books again.

Please spread the word about our Adoption Drive! We thank you in advance!

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