Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Can't Walk This Road Alone

Dollar's death was sudden. And because it was unexpected, the shock and the pain was so much greater. We never got to say a proper goodbye, never got to give her that one last cuddle.

Dollar left a great big hole at Gentle Paws. Each of us is still trying to cope with Dollar's absence in our own different way. But through Dollar, we realised we have so much more to do. Worried that the rest of our furkids might experience the same thing Dollar did, we immediately got the vet to come down to the shelter to check on them.

To our dismay, more bad news followed.

Daixi has been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. A tumour has been found in her kidney. She will undergo cancer treatment for the next three weeks to determine its effectiveness. If it works, she has to undergo weekly treatments for the rest of her life. The vet is unable to say how much longer she can live.

As mentioned earlier, Doris has almost zero platelet count and has to be on medication thrice daily. She will stay at the fosterer's for two months until she finishes the course of her medication.

There are many other dogs identified by the vet as looking sickly and possibly needing a check up. But we have to work within our means. Medical bills are at an all time high. It seems like before we can finish paying our outstanding bills, new ones have to be incurred because yet more of our furkids start falling ill.

Crises such as the one we are facing expose the extent of our vulnerability. We can't do this alone. We need your help to bring our sick dogs to the doctor. All contributions to this fund, named the SOS Fund, will go towards the medical expenses of the sick dogs at the shelter - namely Daixi, Doris, Dollar as well as the ongoing expenses incurred by Bobby (who is doing quite well at his fosterer's place).

We understand that there are very many shelters out there all in need of funds. We sincerely respect and admire all that is done at the other shelters to give dogs in Singapore a better life. But if you've been following this blog, I'm sure many of the furkids at Gentle Paws have become, in some strange way, your friend as well. They are now free falling into the wretched black hole that is sickness and misery. Would you be there to catch them?

If you're interested in making a much needed contribution, please email us at On behalf of our furry friends at Gentle Paws, we thank you with all our hearts.

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