Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sick List

Following Dollar's death, we were worried sick that we might be unaware of deadly ailments creeping up on our other dogs. We got a vet to come down to the shelter to check on the dogs, draw some blood and run some tests. Much to our dismay, more bad news followed.

Daixi has been warded for signs of kidney failure - the exact same thing that Dollar suffered. She was rapidly losing weight, not eating and she simply didn't seem as energetic as before. Many of you might not know Daixi well. Being housed in one of the sections furthest away from the entrance, Daixi forms part of the group of forgotten dogs.

This girl, whose name means 'bring happiness' in Mandarin, is a big kisser. In her more active days, she would jump around you excitement when you enter the compound and try to lick your face. If ever you want a dog that is easy to walk, Daixi is your pick.

They say that dogs of the same gender often don't get along. But Daixi and her sister Daixin share a rare closeness between dogs that is seldom seen in the shelter. There are so many things to learn about Daixi if only people spare the time to get to know her. We hope it isn't too late. Daixi is currently warded at the vet's. Should you be interested in dropping by to pay her a visit, you can email us at farmwaylove@gmail.com.

Doris is another dog on the list of sick dogs we had to pay extra attention too. We were really worried about our lab retriever after the passing of her best friend Dollar. Out of the 4 breeder dogs that were rescued - Dime, Dollar, Doris and Xena - Doris is literally the last one standing.

A closer examination by the vet revealed that Doris has zero platelet count. This means that her blood is unable to clot and any injury, however slight, will cause a massive loss of blood. This is potentially dangerous and life threatening. Needing medication thrice daily, we could not provide the care Doris needs at the shelter. Though we couldn't bear to, it didn't take much for us to decide to allow Doris to be fostered at a kind volunteer's place. Doris spent her first night at her fosterer's place last night. We are especially anxious about her progress because she is known to have separation anxiety when away from the shelter for too long a time. With her happy, clumsy nature, Doris is a perennial favourite of volunteers young and old. So not to worry, we'll keep you updated about her progress and on any visits we plan to pay her at her fosterer's place.

It's a tough time for Gentle Paws. It is heart wrenching to see our dogs fall sick one by one. We are doing our best to up our vigilance and seek prevention over cure. With a lack of funds, there is a limit to how much we can do to improve the condition of the shelter to fight deadly diseases that are hurting our dogs. But we're working on it. We're trying to put together a timetable to disinfect the shelter at least once a week to provide the furkids with a cleaner, healthier environment to call home.

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  1. Oh no, another bad news for Daixi! :(
    Hope she can manage to pull through!
    It's just at an early stage still right?
    I'll drop by on the weekends if I'm free
    Will email you guys to take the vet's address :(


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