Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gentle Paws Closure - Saturday 21 August

Hey all. We are very sorry to inform you that Gentle Paws will be closed tomorrow, Saturday 21 August.

Our manpower has been diverted because we have to settle Xena's cremation and Bobby's operation. Tomorrow, at noon, Bobby would be undergoing a risky and invasive operation to remove the heart-worms found in his body. Because of his age and the fact that his condition is at an advanced stage, Bobby only has a 50% chance of survival. It was a heart wrenching decision and one we took a long time to make. If Bobby doesn't undergo this procedure, invasive as it is, we were advised that he only had a life span of 2 weeks left.

So wherever you are, we hope you take a second to say a quick prayer for our dear old boy.

We are sorry for the late notice and any inconvenience caused. We seek your understanding.

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