Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye Xena

Xena was found unconscious at Gentle Paws this morning. Despite performing CPR on her and rushing her to the vet, Xena eventually left us today evening.

As one of our volunteers, Florence, so eloquently put it, she came back to her friends after 10 hard months. It was her way of saying goodbye.

I'm sure anyone of you who have been down to the shelter would agree whole-heartedly that despite what she'd been through, Xena is without a doubt one of the gentlest, sweetest and happiest dog you could ever find. No matter how you try to knock her down, there she comes back with a big smile on her face.

Despite what us humans put her through - breeding her, tying her to the lamp post, leaving her out in the rain - she never lost her faith in us.

So... Goodbye our dearest Xena. We are already missing you. We hope you've been released from your suffering and that you're in a much better place right now. You're tiny for a dog. But with your great spirit and big heart, you made a whole lot of difference in our lives.


  1. Xena hope you're now running around freely and happily with all our frens over at the other side... I miss you!


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