Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Bobby

Just a quick update. Bobby's operation was aborted shortly after it started. It was found that Bobby's valves were blocked to the extent that the vet's forceps could not be inserted to remove the heart worms as planned. Instead, the vet tapped Bobby's abdomen and drained over 10 litres of fluid from him. Bobby has to be on heart worm medicine for the rest of his life. He also has to undergo the draining process twice a week. His kidney was found to be weak and he will require kidney supplements. The next three weeks will be crucial for Bobby. A kind volunteer has agreed to foster Bobby for this critical period. We hope to bring you good news the next time round!

Go Bobby!


  1. We are rooting for you Bobby boy. A small gift is on it's way, and please all who have a softy spot for these wonderful furry creatures born smiling into this world, donate whatever you can comfortabley part with. Nothing is too small for a life hanging in threads.

    A prayer is also greatly appreciated.

    Just Us:
    Angelia 7 her furry kids.


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