Friday, July 23, 2010

Doggie Feature: Dillon

Doggie Feature is something we thought we would try to put up each week to introduce readers to every single member of our 40+ strong family. We're a colourful family, made up of very colourful members who bring much joy and laughter into our hearts without even having to try. Each one of them has their own unique story to tell. We're eager for you to know what we know so that perhaps you'll be piqued and learn to love them like we do. 

More importantly, we hope our humble Doggie Feature can reach out to potential adopters out there and be a useful guide in informing them about the unique character traits of each dog. Armed with such information, adopters-to-be can be better prepared for the exciting, fulfilling but sometimes tiring journey that awaits them.

To start off, we'll be featuring 3 of our youngest residents at Gentle Paws - Dillon, Daelle and DakDakDei. For this particular entry, we shall let the spotlight fall on Dillon. 

Before we launch into a whole narrative on Dillon, let's take a moment to reflect where he, his 5 brothers and 1 sister, came from. 

This is Debbie, the mother of a litter of 9 which included Dillon, Daelle and DDD. 2 of the weaker puppies failed to survive. And then there were 7. 

This is Dakula, the handsome husky who is also the father of the lot of them. He is probably the reason why all 7 puppies grew up to ears that stood straight up.  

When Dillon was born, I personally thought he looked the most perfect of the lot. He was a little brown, a little white but mostly, a unique shade of dark grey. Of all the puppies in Debbie's litter, it was Dillon who looked most like his dad. There he is, taking a little snooze. Doesn't he look like a little charmer?

He had a tired world weary look on his face when he was just a pup. This was probably down to the many folds on his face. 

Volunteers couldn't resist giving his face a little squish!

Even though he was wonderful in every way, somehow, Dillon was one of the last few to be adopted. His stint at a home didn't turn out very well. As most of you probably know, he came back terrified, malnourished and too bony for our liking. 

This was how he looked when he first came back. His face was so skinny that his eyes looked like they were protruding out. 

And he was so scared his tail was tucked between his legs. 

See his ribs poking out? We're not kidding you. 

It took some time for Dillon to recover. Here he is, sometime after he was returned, still looking bewildered. Like he didn't belong. 

But given his tender age and good nature (like his papa), it didn't take too long. Here he is, traces of puppyhood still evident in his face. 

Here is a studio shot of Dillon, kindly shot by a group of volunteers. He is really quite very gorgeous. 

Of the three brothers, Dillon is probably the most laidback. During feeding time, we have to make sure he eats separately from his brothers or risk having all his food gobbled up. 

Dillon responds to the command sit. And sit he will. As compared to his brothers, he sits the longest and the most patiently. He is still in the midst of learning to shake paws. He is a little stubborn but it's a work in progress. 

Dillon is also quite a sociable dog. He gets along with almost every dog at the shelter. None of them seems to have a bone to pick with this good natured dog. That's quite a rarity in the complicated hierarchies of the dog world. So really, if you must know, this dog is a complete gem. 

Dillon was born on 31 October 2009. That makes him about 9 months old now. Ever since he was returned, he has been waiting for a home. He is still waiting. Given his size, Dillon is unlikely to be HDB approved. So if there are any potential adopters with landed property looking for a good natured dog, do consider our Dillon. 

Here's Dillon like every other dog, having a sombre moment to himself. 

For volunteers out there, Dillon and his three brothers are growing boys with all the energy in the world. They need to go for a run, if not every day, at least once a week. Of all the dogs in the shelter, it is probably the three of them for whom walks are critical. So.. if you're up for a run, put on your running shoes and drop by to give this boy a good work out! We will really appreciate it! 

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