Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roofs and Rainy Days

The day Gentle Paws was born... we were just a bare plot of land. This was how we looked like not so long ago. We inherited this huge unwieldy metal structure that stood right smack in the middle of the place.

 Initially, we tried putting canvas sheets over the structure. It was a massive project.

And it turned out like this. Looks pretty solid, doesn't it? But the sad truth is... it didn't hold.

It also didn't reach the ends.

We had to set up a makeshift shelter for the ends. But that did little to shield the furkids from the rain and wind.

If you look closely at the picture below, you'll realise there is a gap between the structure and the roof of the cubicles. This defeats the whole idea of having the structure in the first place.

It's been pretty wet lately.The rain has been coming down in torrents and the wind has been unrelenting. In a particularly heavy downpour, a few of the metal bars were dislodged and fell onto the ground. Thank heavens no one was injured. This incident has spurred us to remove the structure entirely. Doing so will not only eliminate the danger posed to our dogs but will also allow us to build a sturdier roof over their heads without the structure being in the way.

Gentle Paws on a wet day is not a good place to be. On a wet dark night, it can get quite cold and scary.

Given our lack of space and the fact that some dogs cannot get along with others, we aren't able to move the dogs from one area to another while working on removing the structure. We need manpower to help bring the dogs on long walks or alternatively to get them into a cubicle (safe from the threat of falling metal bars) for a shower, until it is safe for them to come back. We also need guys or strong women to help remove the structure. It is huge and heavy and possibly dangerous if not handled with caution. We also need all the tools and ladders we can get.

We only have 4-6 regulars at the shelter at any one time and we really need any manpower we can get. So if you have Saturday or Sunday free, please think about popping by Gentle Paws for a timely visit! We thank you in advance!

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