Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Remember the metal structure that we talked about not so very long ago? Hint.... (refer below)

With the help of 7 macho men and 1 ironclad woman, we have successfully removed the structure that proved an obstacle to a proper shelter. Hurray for us!

Of course, kudos must also be given to our wonderful volunteers we came down to walk our dogs and run errands for us while we were busy with the structure. Without your help, things would have been a great deal harder!

Here's a short recap of how it went... Pardon the lousy pictures. These weren't taken by our usual fabulous photographer, but by yours truly, me. So anyway...

Directions were given by our captain on the ground...

Instructions were followed...

Hey look! Through all that hard work, we even manage catch a glimpse of Spidey!

And also Iron (Wo)Man! Just look at her rippling biceps and the way she gripped the heavy piece of metal with just one hand!

This is her, from the front. Meet Florence. She's fiesty, gungho and fearless - an absolute asset to Gentle Paws.

It was a team effort and soon, part by part, piece by piece, the structure came falling down.

Now that we have gotten the clumsy structure out of the way, it's time to think of a better way to shelter our dogs...

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