Saturday, March 3, 2012

Memories are forever

Not 24 hours after I published my entry last night, Debbie took her final breath. 
Debbie passed away at the shelter at around 2PM today. She left with Wee by her side. 

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  1. I am Susanne. I am in Ohio in the USA. I found you FB page late last night as I was trying to soothe my own it will be exactly 1 yr tomorrow...3-3-12 that I lost my precious Gibson. It's seem like yesterday. Your story, Debbie's story is powerful, so moving...and when I saw that she was gone this morning...I wept and then I shared it on Gibson's FB page...Gibson Lee his page was started last year about this time to help his family cope and has now grown and is a place to share comfort, joy, beauty, and all else that a dog or other pet brings to our lives. I cannot speak strongly enough of my respect, my honor, my pride in those of you who have created this shelter and struggled so to make it what it is today. Your queen, your poster girl, sleeping now. But you must know and always remember what you gave her...including years of life....that she would never have known if not for your efforts...and then, to all those who followed her there. I am so touched. So sad. My tears this day are for my baby Gibson, but now sweet Debbie's gentle spirit and loss mixes into the rain that falls in my heart. Bless you ... and her. Ever.


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