Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Gentle Paws Adoption Drive and Flea Market 2011

The Gentle Paws Adoption Drive cum Flea Market will be held from 10-11 December this year, from 10AM to 5PM. If you're interested in adopting a dog, please do drop by! We would be there to answer any queries you might have about adoption or our adoption procedure. This is also a great opportunity to meet our dogs! Even if you're not thinking about adoption right now, you can drop by our flea market. Take a look at what we have to offer! The allure of flea markets arises from the fact that you never know what you are going to find there. Do note that all proceeds will go towards the dogs at GPF.

There would also be a separate stall to raise some funds for our Daisy. Daisy has been happily adopted by Lorna and Sebastian. Don't fret! She still is very much adopted and just as happy with her human family.

However, she has been plagued with a slew of medical conditions lately, beginning from a swollen leg to problems with her blood count, an eye condition and now a liver problem.

Lorna and Sebastian were extremely worried for Daisy and spared no expense trying to tackle all the problems by sending her to the vet. You know how financially taxing going to the vet can be. All of Daisy's problems came at once. Daisy's folks have been in and out of the vet for more than a month.

Once a GPF dog, always a GPF dog right? To help them out, we are setting up a booth for Daisy, the proceeds of which will go towards her medical fees. If you have read about Daisy here, been moved by her story, please come visit our Daisy booth this coming weekend to lend your support and put that smile back on her irresistible face.

The inspiration for one of our adoption drive posters came from PETA's poster featuring the Taiwanese singer/host Show Luo.

The dog, Bobby, who stood solemnly beside him looked so much like our Dyana that we couldn't resist getting Wee to pose in a similar fashion and do up a similar looking poster of our own!

We had a good laugh while doing up the poster, with each of us giving feedback on how to improve it. Wee was a great sport about it as well. But beneath all that corniness lies a harsh truth. It is not just our country that is plagued with the problem of overpopulation of dogs. Thousands of miles away in Taiwan is a similar looking dog crying out for a home. Choosing to adopt and not buy gives these homeless dogs one more sliver of hope of a warm, comfortable home.

If you are thinking about getting a dog,  please don't buy - adopt! Puppyhood is transient and temporary.  The dogs we have aren't puppies, they aren't pure bred, but just like a puppy and a pure breed dog, they yearn for a human home. And just like the others, they have a lifetime of friendship and enduring loyalty to offer.

All dogs aren't born equal but through adopting, through recognising their worth, we can help narrow the inequality that our mixed breed dogs face.

This Christmas, we are hoping that at least one more of our dogs will no longer have to walk the long lonely road of a shelter dog.

So if you've time to spare this weekend, why not come down to the Gentle Paws Adoption Drive cum Flea Market for a meaningful time? Remember, it's 10-11 December, from 10AM to 5PM, at 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2. Drop us an email at if you have any questions at all!

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