Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't forget about us!

Last year's turn out for the Adoption Drive wasn't good. We did publicity online and we also printed 2000 flyers to distribute to various private residential estates. Out of the 2000 flyers, only 1 family actually came down. Imagine our disappointment. 

This was our Adoption Drive poster last year

When the event started at 10am, there wasn't a person in sight. So we waited. And waited. When we finally got tired of waiting around, we got up and went around in search of people in the vicinity to inform them about our Flea Market and draw the crowd over. 

The Adoption Drive last year was, in all honesty, not exactly a roaring success. But at least the Flea Market helped prop things up a little. People did come down to look at what we had to sell and buy things that they didn't actually need to show their support. Despite the lukewarm response, we were warmed right to the very depths of our wriggly anxious toes.

Also, despite the lacklustre performance at the adoption drive, 6 out of the 11 dogs on last year's adoption poster eventually found homes to call their own - Destine, Didi, Doris, Dillon, Daelle and Princess. In addition, Hercules, Junior, Dooney, Teeny and Oscar were also adopted in the course of the year. On hindsight, I think we didn't fare too shabbily on our adoption report card. 

Adoption is a year round affair. It doesn't have to take place during the year end adoption drive, as long as it does eventually happen, as long as people are willing and ready to consider the option of adoption. 

Holding the adoption drive in this season of festivity obliges us to highlight that dogs aren't gifts. Well, figuratively, they are. They are gifts to our soul and spirit in the form of the friendship and companionship they provide. But they aren't presents to be made to others or something you get on a whim because of the current jolly spirit you are experiencing this holiday season. Do remember that adopting a dog is a lifelong responsibility. 

On the other hand, if you have thought long and hard about adoption, we are very happy to help facilitate the adoption of any dog at our shelter. If you are serious and intent on adopting, we urge you to let one of our dogs change your life forever this Christmas. 

Okay! Enough with being the naggy, long-winded scrooge of Christmas! Just remember that the Adoption Drive will be held over 2 days - the 10th and 11th of December, from 10AM to 5PM at 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2. Even if you have no plans to adopt, we urge you to come down to browse through our wares at our Flea Market. If you have a dog and are intending to bring it to the dog run nearby, please do drop by our stall, say hi and get an item or two! A flea market is nothing without curious customers and we need your presence to help see this event through. 

Choo tells me that I am a worrier and that it'll become a habit if I don't stop worrying. After all, Christmas in the heart is what makes Christmas in the air right? So let me heed his words of wisdom and in the light hearted mood of this wonderful holiday season, let me just say on behalf of the GPF team... Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family. We hope to see you this coming weekend at our Adoption Drive and Flea Market! 

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