Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking on sunshine

It's going to rain, I remember remarking to Florence as the rest of us were scrambling around loading the dogs up the vans.

It rained last furry day and we were absolutely certain it was going to rain again this time. 

As the grey clouds gathered strength and the skies turned increasingly gloomy, so did our moods. 

We had been blessed for seven furry days. Perhaps it was inevitable that it would pour on our 8th and 9th ones. After all, what goes around comes around. 

But I was wrong. We must indeed have some guardian angels watching over us each furry day. Because as fast as the rain came, it stopped. 

The sun came out again, this time victorious. And from that moment on, our dogs were literally walking on sunshine. 

I wasn't at the park for furry day. I was back at the shelter helping out with the detox work. I don't know the intricacies of what went on during furry day itself. But in my humble opinion, furry days are always fun days. 

This furry day, seeing our dogs put on their chains and leashes, excitedly leading their handlers out of the compound, I just felt... extremely thankful. 

Furry day might have become a bigger and more regular affair of late. But this furry day, we failed to gather enough volunteers. 

With just two or three days to the event itself, I posted on our facebook wall seeking for volunteers. With such last minute notice, I wasn't certain if we would manage to get the requisite number of volunteers we needed to bring all the dogs out. 

But we did - with your help. We called and you answered our cry for help, be it by reposting our request for more volunteers or by stepping up to the plate yourself. 

We would just like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you. 

Furry day is literally just a walk in the park. But it is absolutely nothing without you

By bringing the dogs out all at once, you gave us a chance to give the shelter a good scrub down. 

You gave the dogs their best day of the month. 

And you made it a win-win situation for us all. 

So thank you for coming, thank you for caring and thank you for putting a smile on these furry faces. 

Until next time, the curtain falls on this furry day. 

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