Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Daily Rice

To put it plainly, we have over 40 dogs that we have to feed for the rest of their lives, or at least, up until they get adopted.

It is a huge responsibility.

Our food for the dogs, made up of rice, meat, vegetables and a sprinkling of kibbles, is cooked with love by Wee, every single day.

The smell of the fragrant hot rice that wafts out every time we lift the lid of the container holding the food can be quite heavenly.

But love alone is not enough.

The expenses needed to feed the dogs can be quite taxing.

We need to be on our feet all the time, plan for the future and ensure that we have enough food to last us in the months ahead.

We were running low on our supply of rice recently. So Florence scouted around for sponsors.

We are happy to announce that from the joint contributions of some very generous individuals, we now have enough rice to last us the next 8 months.

Dennis, Stephanie, Irene and family, Leng and friends, we have nothing to offer in return for your kindness but our utmost gratitude and thanks.

With your kind gesture, you help to fill the plates of our furkids.

You allow them to sleep each night with a filled stomach.

You give them something to look forward to each day.

Rice is the staple of the food we serve here at Gentle Paws. It is nothing fancy but it gives the dogs the energy that they need to bark at the top of their lungs, chase each other around in jest and to happily go on their walks each weekend.

From the bottom of every canine heart and us human ones, thank you guys! Your contribution means the world to us.

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