Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking Rehoming Online

Our dogs are mostly medium to large sized mongrels. Almost all of them are not HDB approved. This makes it extra difficult to find good homes for them. We have decided to take re-homing online to help increase their chances of adoption.

In conjunction with our mini adoption drive this weekend, we will be launching the Gentle Paws Adoption Portal, lovingly put together by our regulars, Bin, XQ and Joey! We hope you have an easy time navigating the site and getting to know the residents of Gentle Paws.

The portal will be updated as and when we have new additions to the shelter. We also intend to explore the subject of adoption, especially of shelter dogs and mongrels, to raise awareness and bring exposure to this often neglected bunch. This includes interviewing the adopters of our successful adoption cases and tracking the progress of our adopted dogs.

You can access the portal at:

Should you be interested in adoption or in arranging a visit to view and mingle with the dogs in view of adoption, please drop us an email. We can be contacted as always at

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