Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Like them, like us!

Remember them?

The kind folks at the Water Dish recently contributed some bags of dry kibbles, some packs of wet food, leashes, drinking bowls, treats and other much needed essentials to our humble shelter.

Fast forward a few weeks and they are back! This time with a bigger and better campaign to aid the furkids here at Gentle Paws. The campaign is simple enough. For every additional "like" on their Facebook page from now till the end of June, the Water Dish will contribute $0.50 worth of food and vet supplies to Gentle Paws. The "like" counter starts from 423 and we're hoping you guys can help us add to that. 

It's as simple as a few clicks on the mouse but it means so much to us. One "like" gives the shelter $0.50 worth of supplies. One thousand of them gets us $500 worth. It's a team effort and we need your help to make this happen.

If you haven't heard of the Water Dish, then you definitely have to check it out. It caters to a range of animals from cats and dogs to other little pets. What makes this store stand out is the fact that it genuinely cares. It speaks out against the sale of pets, does its part in the area of stray cat management through the Love Kuching Project and promotes the rescue of animals in need. Their love of animal-kind really shines through from their blog, which contains pet food/product recommendations as well as rib-tickling articles on the antics of our dearest furry friends. 

Got some time to spare? If you do, we urge you to proceed to the Water Dish Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thewaterdish to "like" their page. It's as simple as that but it goes a long, long way. From one and all at Gentle Paws, here's a great big THANK YOU in advance!

The Water Dish online pet store can be found at http://www.thewaterdish.com.sg/
The Water Dish blog can be found at http://blog.thewaterdish.com.sg/
The Love Kuching Project can be found at http://www.lovekuchingproject.org/

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