Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Droopy for you

I feel a little surreal as I sit in the safe haven of my room typing this entry. Not too far away, so many people are in physical and emotional pain. Bodies are being found by the thousands. Whole towns are being submerged. Homes that have taken some a lifetime to build have been destroyed in the short span of one day. And then there is the whole issue of the nuclear meltdown.

I guess I don't have to elaborate more on the sheer devastation brought about by the tsunami following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. You must have read about it.

But what got me wondering was... as with Hurricane Katrina... what happened to the dogs in Sendai, Japan following the destruction? As it is, resources in locating humans alone are stretched tight. Would any attention be given to the lost animals of Sendai?

Many must have died. But a good number are most certainly floating about or buried beneath rubble, hanging on to dear life, trying to locate their human family and utterly confused about the terrible fate that had befallen them.

I did a quick search on Google and was heartened to find that Animal Refuge Kansai and Japan Cat Network are coordinating efforts to help as many homeless animals as they can. This includes putting together a team experienced at handling traumatised animals and hiring helicopters to remove animals from ground zero to shelters elsewhere.

This brings me to the topic of this entry.

Droopy, interrupted

His name is Droopy. Mirroring the lost dogs in tsunami-hit Sendai, Droopy was found scurrying all by himself in a large drain along Lorong Halus. His rescuer, Wee, didn't spot his little white body immediately. It was Droopy's loud panicky cries that caught his attention. He appeared lost, hungry and frightened. A large downpour was sure to flood the drain and sweep this little puppy away. Given the frequency of heavy rains of late, this likelihood was almost a certainty.

And so began the rescue of the little white dog Droopy. He was christened by Wee but I suspect his name had much to do with his slightly droopy ears.

It has been almost a month since Droopy was rescued. He has been sent to the vet for his required vaccinations and check-up. We suspect Droopy is about 2 months old. We have no idea how large he will grow but he is certainly not HDB-approved. He is currently housed with playful Wanda who like a naughty big sister is teaching him all the tricks up her sleeve.

(Naughty) Big sister Wanda

Droopy takes a while to warm up to strangers. When I first met him, he hid behind a tub and refused to come out to play. But once he takes to you, he will come out of his little shell and be the exuberant puppy that he is. White dogs are a rarity... but we have had the good fortune of having three completely white dogs with us - Xiaobai, Mario and now little Droopy.

This little white dog needs a home! Would you be interested in adopting him? He is only a few months old and  his habits are, as of now, still extremely malleable. The regulars at the shelter have already taught him basic commands such as sit and down. He has also began to learn how to swim.

Be my family?

If you are interested in adopting Droopy, do drop us an email at farmwaylove@gmail.com. Thank you!

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