Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another furry day?

Kekeke. My amateurish attempt at a poster. This is what IT retards do. They take templates provided by websites like CropMom instead of being original and stylish and doing one up themselves. Anyway guys, it's been a long time coming! Because of conflicting schedules, we have not been able to come up with a date for furry day the past few weeks. At last, it has been settled for the SECOND OF APRIL. We will need about 30 volunteers. Because we know how much it sucks to have too many volunteers and too little dogs to walk (it's a good dilemma to be in though, instead of having too little volunteers and too many dogs), we will close volunteer recruitment when we hit about 30-35 volunteers. 

If you intend to participate, please drop us an email titled "Furry Day April". Let us know the number of people going and if any vehicle is available to ferry dogs. And of course, all participants must be 18 and above or have an adult accompany them. 

We humbly thank you in advance for joining us on our furry adventure! 

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