Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Woofy's Choice for World Animal Day!

4th October is a Monday. Yes, I understand... Monday's not a very popular day. But this coming Monday ain't no normal Monday! Because you see, 4th October is World Animal Day! World Animal Day has come a long way. It was first started in Florence, Italy in 1931 to celebrate animal life, to commemorate humans' relationship with animals, to appreciate the way animals enrich our lives and most importantly to give thanks to their very presence. Today, animal groups from countries all over the world spend this day doing something special for animals - be it putting up exhibitions to educate the public, conducting adoption or vaccination drives or organising processions to raise awareness (for more information, do check out www.worldanimalday.org.uk)

Can you imagine a world without animals?

More specifically for us, can you imagine a world without dogs?

Gone would be the days Fido sits at the door, waiting for you to arrive home.No longer would you have Rover looking at you with sympathetic eyes as you pour your sorrows out to him. A lifelong friend and an unfailing companion would disappear from your life forever. Ah! We don't even want to begin imagining that.

If you want to take the opportunity to do something special for your pooch, perhaps you want to check out Woofy's Choice. They do wonderful nutritious meals your dog will bound to love. Browsing through their menu makes me want to drool. And Dollar too.

This World Animal Day, Woofy's Choice has adopted Gentle Paws as one of its beneficiaries. For every 10kg of frozen minced pork the public donates at $6 per kg, Woofy's Choice would donate 1kg. If you would like to do something for our furkids this World Animal Day in conjunction with Woofy's Choice, perhaps you might want to check out www.woofyschoice.blogspot.com. The drive will end on Sunday, 3rd October.

Our 38 furkids consume a total of 5kg of rice, 5kg of meat and 15kg of kibbles a day. When budget is tight and we can ill afford it, our dogs sometimes have to do with less meat or with none at all. Protein is arguably the most important part of a dog's meal. This is especially so for some of our dogs like Dakdakdei, Dior and Mario who have dangerously low platelet count. The contribution from the public and topped up by Woofy's Choice will go a long way in helping to buff up the furkids' one and only meal at the shelter each day. From the bottom of many human hearts and 38 furry ones, we thank Woofy's Choice for creating the drive as well as one and all who have so generously contributed.

Here at Gentle Paws and Friends, we wish you a happy World Animal Day in advance!

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