Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Roof is Up!

Rain rain come our way, cause our roof is here to stay!

Ah. Sorry. I couldn't resist that little chant. Ahem. One and all, if you haven't already popped by our shelter, then  I'm honoured to inform you that YAY! Our roof is up!

In the past 2 weeks, we received 15 emails enquiring about the roof. Every email we received was like a vote of confidence. Thank you for contributing to our cause. Thank you very much for caring. I'm happy to say that thus far, we have raised a total of $1,250 from you, our kind readers.

Substantial though it may be, $1,250 was far from our targeted $3,900. While you were busy helping us, we weren't resting on our laurels either. Mutts & Mittens organised an adoption drive over the 30th July weekend and kindly allowed us to set up a booth there selling our wares. We jumped at the opportunity.

Pack leader Florence together with a band of Gentle Paws members helped raise a total of $2,500. Here is Florence hard at work, trying to summon the charisma, charm and sincerity from within to entice passers-by to take a look at our goods.

The doggies did their part as well! They sent Dillon and Daelle as their representatives to sit pretty and help drum up support. The two boys took their job very seriously and were on absolute best behaviour!

The Gentle Paws booth sold everything from brand new Threadless t-shirts donated by our kind volunteers Ann and Edwin to dvds, storybooks, donated pet food, muffins and postcards of our furkids that we had previously printed.

People could have turned their noses at our humble little booth. But they stopped, they browsed, they bought what they didn't necessarily need out of the kindness of their hearts. And for that, we thank you once again!

Do you know the magnitude of what you have done for our furkids with your contribution? You have made a great big difference in their lives. Because you took the effort to respond to us, be it via email or by buying our goods at the booth, you have made their homes so much sturdier, their cold rainy nights so much warmer.

In the pictures, you can see the workers putting the roof together. But really, a great part of the roof was put together by each and every one of you who responded to our call for help.

Because of you, the doggies' home transformed from this flimsy old one held together by strings...

To this... a solid dependable roof over their furry heads.

Unfortunately, despite the hive of activity, we have yet to raise the amount that we need. At least half of the proceeds for the booth has to be used to cover the medical expenses incurred by Deckie, Xena, Diya and Bobby.

As a result, we still have over $1000 to go before we hit the targeted $3,900. Without the help of a kind volunteer who stepped in to foot the remaining tab in advance, the roof would remain a distant dream.

We understand that it is anti-climatic to still expect contributions after the roof is up, but we hope you understand. The erratic weather made us scramble to put the roof up as quickly as humanly possible. If you want to know you helped put the solid green roof that shields the dogs from the rain and the sun, please remember that the Roof Fund remains open.

From the bottom of our hearts (both furry and human), here's a great big thank you!

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