Monday, August 2, 2010

Doggie Feature: Daelle

No guys, this is not a rat.

Instead, what you see is a very tiny Daelle. See the teeny 'L' on the back of his neck? That's the dead giveaway.

A puppy's markings may change over time. But the 'L' on this little puppy refused to go away.

Dillon looks like one of his other brothers, Java, who was successfully adopted. DDD looks like 2 of his other brothers, Darzen and Jake. But Daelle? No... this boy is one of a kind.

Daelle had it a little harder than his siblings. He was adopted twice and returned twice. This makes him sound like a bad dog with behavioural problems, doesn't it? I mean, what kind of dog gets returned not once but twice?

But this couldn't be further from the truth. If there was any failing on any part, it had to be ours. In our fervour  to get the puppies adopted, we weren't exacting enough, weren't demanding enough. Each time we took the leap of faith, allowing eager teenage girls to bring little Daelle home, allowing ourselves to be convinced that they understood what they were in for, allowing ourselves to be reassured that being in a home has got to be better than staying at the shelter.

Here is Daelle, returned for the first time, confused and bewildered.

Because he came back to us when he was still young and not quite out of puppyhood, mom Debbie recognised him immediately and took him in with open arms.

Here is Daelle, back for the second time, looking hurt and clueless. He has grown much since the last time we saw him, his ears standing straight up now.

If you come by for adoption drives in future and we insist the whole family come down to view the dog, we hope you understand. If we insist on short homestays first to let you and your family acquaint yourselves with the dog, we hope you do not think us demanding. If we call for a cooling off period before we make the adoption official, we hope you do not become deterred.

Because each time we make a mistake at adoption, we don't suffer for it - our dog does.

It took Daelle so much longer to get used to the shelter the second time round. Good thing for him, Dillon was there.

The two got along like a house on fire long before either of them were adopted and were exposed to grown up troubles in a grown up world.

And when they met again, they took up their friendship immediately where they left off.

If you're looking for an active, good natured boy to be a loyal companion, do spare a thought for Daelle.

They say third time's the charm but until then, Daelle still waiting for that elusive thing called home...

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