Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Gentle Paws Walk a Paw 2014

We rummaged everywhere for our Christmas decor but we couldn't find them. Where were they? 

We glanced at the dogs but they blinked and gazed back at us solemnly. There was no flinching at all. 

We totally believed them... Until we stumbled across these.

We now knew just who broke into the store at night and took away our Christmas things!

Haha just kidding. The truth is really the opposite.

We took the doggies out one day to take some Christmassy photos for our year end event. 

Our favourite season is nearing. We can put reindeer horns atop their heads, throw shiny garlands around their necks and sing them happy Christmas songs. 

But do they know it's Christmas? 

They don't ask for fancy presents.

Their version of a merry Christmas is an outing, a long walk, the green grass, sunshine, people and lots of laughter. 

So that's we are gonna give to them. 

Except, this time, it involves 


Every Christmas, we organise a mini dogathon involving our shelter dogs. Don't expect a big event because this is a small scale cosy affair. It's also a fun way for us to raise some money for our dogs for the upcoming year ahead. 

Do something meaningful this Christmas! Buy our goody bag and come spend a morning bringing some joy to a shelter dog by taking them for a walk to the scenic park nearby.

The walk to the park is approximately 1.6km from the shelter. It's a guided walk, with group facilitators and water points along the way. 

The goody bag costs $70 each and consists of things you will need for the walk such as - our customised non-woven tote bag, customised gym towel, exclusive event dri-fit T-shirt, water and a snack. 

This year, we have also included other personalised Gentle Paws paraphernalia like a series of Christmas themed postcards featuring our shelter dogs and the dog breed poster many of you showed interest in when we first shared it with you guys on our Facebook page. 

We also threw in a 20% discount voucher for a pet photography session worth $150 with our favourite photographer. This year, we are also looking at setting up a fun photo booth for you to bring home a memento of your morning with the dogs. 

Items aside, you go home knowing that your contributions - both physical and financial, will go a long way in helping our shelter dogs in the upcoming year ahead. 

The details for the annual Gentle Paws Walk a Paw are as follows:- 
  • Date: Saturday, 27 December 2014
  • Time: 930am to 2pm 
  • Venue: Pasir Ris Farmway 2 to Lorong Halus Wetland Park
  • Price: Participation is by way of purchase of our goody bag at S$70.00 each
  • Registration: You may register by dropping us an email at with the subject "Walk-A-Paw 2014" together with the names and contact numbers of all the participants. Please note that all participants must be 18 years and above. Your participation is confirmed when we respond to inform of the same.
  • Goody bag collection: 20-21 December 2014 at Pasir Ris Farmway 2 from 1pm to 4pm
  • Payment: By cash upon collection or by ibanking before collection

More details will be provided via email upon confirmation.

If you can't make it on the day and wish to purchase our goody bag, this option is available. Please do email us to register your interest. We would love to hear from you.

Running a shelter is easier said than done. On top of our monthly rent and food, our veterinary bills are escalating each year. This year, we spent more than $60,000 on medical expenses alone.

Some had serious skin conditions requiring multiple reviews. Some had babesia, a rare form of tick fever that was so costly to treat. Some had life threatening ailments requiring long hospital stays, referrals to specialists or emergency medical attention. Some had arthritis and needed regular jabs to the hips. Up to 30 puppies were rescued this year alone requiring multiple vaccinations and then sterilisation or neutering upon coming of age. Amongst them, one pup was seriously burnt while another was severely malnourished. Even those who were healthy needed their annual vaccination, their monthly Frontline and their annual pro-heart jab. The new rescues have to be on Heartgard until they are ready for the jab. Medicated shampoo has to be supplied for those who needed them. Supplements have to be purchased for the old, the young and the sick. 

We really do try our hardest to be self-sufficient. But over the years, we realised that as much as we try, we still need your support. 

The Walk a Paw marks the last of our year end fundraising efforts for the shelter. Come spend Christmas differently. Join us in bringing some holiday cheer to our dogs this 27th.

We look forward to your email. Our dogs say merry Christmas in advance!

No dogs were hurt in the course of photography although many reindeer antlers were trampled upon in disdain. We are looking forward to sharing lots of behind the scenes footage in our upcoming posts. We feel so blessed for such amazing, tolerant and cooperative dogs. This is their very own effort in helping raise funds for themselves and their fellow canine friends. 

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