Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello Sunshine

Remember the story of Demi, the little burnt puppy I featured two entries ago?

Did you wonder what happened to the siblings with whom she was originally sighted? 

This time around, we bring to you the story of Demi's brother - Dawson.

It was 25 February 2014 - five days after Demi was rescued and sent for treatment. We found Dawson - a floppy-eared, yellow-coated puppy identified to be her brother. He was alone. Thankfully, it didn't seem like he had been caught in the flames of the bushfire that his sister had found herself at the centre of. 

Unlike Demi, who took the rescue and the subsequent change of environment in her stride, Dawson was frightened stiff. When we released him into his cubicle at the shelter on his first day, he scrambled to the corner of the room headfirst. 

If he could, he would have wedged a hole into the wall with his head. We wondered briefly if this little one was one of those who would grow up into a fearful adult.

That couldn't be further from how things turned out. 

When I think of Dawson now, I think of sunshine, blue skies and all things cheerful. 

It took the poor boy about a week or so to shrug off his anxiety. Once he got used to the environment and our presence, he lit up like a string of Christmas lights every time we saw him. His vibrant, bubbly and easy going nature was pretty infectious. 

It was almost three weeks later when we stumbled across the remaining three of their siblings. So with just the two of them around for some time, Demi and Dawson grew particularly close. 

They were isolated together, played together, ate together and because they were rescued earlier than the others, went for their first vaccination together. They also learnt to walk on leash together.

To us, it will always remain a mystery why Dawson didn't get picked for adoption. With his yellow coat, brownish nose and light-coloured eyes, he made a gorgeous puppy. Throw in his wonderful, light hearted nature, he was practically a heart-stealer. 

Dawson is about ten months old now. He is certainly shedding his puppy look over time. His snout is much longer than before. While he isn't a large dog, his limbs have extended so much lengthwise too! 

Peculiarly though, some things don't change. Over the months, Dawson has retained those floppy ears and that goofy look in his eyes. He continues to exasperate us and at the same time crack us up with his antics. He loves chasing after our shoe laces and the water sweeper we use to dry the kennel. He always gets a shelling from me, especially when he disrupts me from my task of drying the kennel grounds. But in the next moment, he wins me over entirely by wiggling his silly blond head in the crook of my arm and leaning in on me lovingly. 

With the other dogs, Dawson is always ready for play. Trust us. He is never found too far away from the centre of the fun and games. 

Dawson is the epitome of everything that our canine friends represent. 

He lives every moment of his life so fully and enthusiastically. He was scared initially but has since dusted off his fears and embraced his future with us. He has been lighting up the shelter each and every day with his curiosity about this world and his irrepressible effervescence. 

He is not a baby any more - but at ten months old, he is still so tender of age.

Dawson remains up for adoption. He has so much to bring to a family of his own. If you find your home in need of some joy and a whole lot of laughter, then this precocious little boy has got to be the one for you. 

Be brave. Adopt. 

Do email your adoption enquiries to We will continue to feature the rest of Demi's siblings in our upcoming entries. 

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