Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wanted: A Place to Call Home

Following my previous entry, I went back to ransack my email inbox and retrieved the email I sent out almost three years ago regarding the adoption of our Dakubbies.

It is earnest, optimistic, long-winded (haha) and evidently written by a much younger version of myself. But beneath all those cliches that littered my words, there remained a few simple truths about adopting a dog. 

So I am going to use the exact same email again, this time in an attempt to find five warm and cosy homes for five innocent delightful fur babies, otherwise known as our island puppies

A home for them at last?

So word for word (save for necessary amendments), here we go... 

Do you want a friend for life
Somebody who'll love you unconditionally through life's rough patches and bad hair days? 
Somebody who'll see you through when work sucks and your love life's the pits? 
Somebody who'll sit patiently by you as you pour out your woes without judging or commenting? 
Somebody who'll tickle you with laughter with his antics and tricks? 
Somebody who'll wait by the door till that very moment you come home from school or work? 
Somebody who'll stick by you when you are lonely and there's no one around? 
Somebody who'll watch the sun rises and sun sets of life with you? 
In short, somebody who'll be a friend for better or for worse?

Having a dog is all these and more! We have FIVE chubby adorable puppies at our shelter crying out for a home. 
Think not only of what you would be giving to the puppies by taking the very courageous step at adoption but also of the quiet joy that owning a dog can bring to your life.  
If you never take this plunge, if you never make this commitment, you'll never ever get to experience the love, the fun, the laughter that is part and parcel of keeping a dog. 

Below are pictures of the five puppies. They were rescued from an offshore island with no water, food or shelter. If these furry creatures are not adopted, they would be forever confined to the dog shelter.  
Each one of them has so much to offer. All they ask is a little of your time to peruse through their pictures and if interested, make an appointment with us to view the pups. 

Let us now unveil our five puppies on this very blog...

This is Dabao, otherwise known as Big Treasure. He almost drowned when he tried to escape capture by the employees on the island. It was quite a traumatic experience for him. But you know how adaptable puppies are. After a week of rest and recuperation, he is once more happy, healthy and slowly creeping out of his shell. He is the only male puppy out of the five. Wee says that this little one is a leader in the making.

This is Doreen, who as her name suggests, is really a gift of God. We love her perfect ears and the way they stand at perfect angles. This little girl is truly a quiet beauty. Doreen is the shyest out of all the puppies. Despite her introverted ways, she is extremely agile. Till date, she is the only little one that can jump up the bench placed in their compound at the shelter! The others can only get their front paws up no matter how hard they try.


This is Daffy, short for Daffodil because of her sunny cheery personality. She was the tiniest one out of the five when they were first rescued. But having chomped her way through Wee's sumptuous meals the past few weeks, we are proud to say that she is well on her way to closing the gap behind her fellow comrades. Daffy is extremely affectionate. She loves human company and always seems to be running toward us for a cuddle.


This is Dazzle. She is the one in the middle. She is not extremely shy like Doreen, neither is she extremely  active like Daffy. It seems like her ears feel that way too. While Doreen's ears stand upright and Daffy's ears are sideways like a bat's, Dazzle's are smack in the middle, as if they can't decide. I carried this little girl on my lap on our way back to the shelter for the first time. I recall the groomers tied a pretty silver ribbon around her neck that day. I was amazed by how right it felt for this little girl to be christened Dazzle.


Finally, we have our only brownie, aptly named Donut. Donut may be the only brown one from the lot, but in no way does she feel left out. She makes sure she is always at the centre of things, be it food, toys or human affection. Like Daffy, she is one happy vivacious fur ball. All the puppies have a habit of opening their mouths as if in shock when we lift them up for a cuddle. When Donut's jaw drops just a little as I carry her, she looks funny, comical and irresistible all at once.


And so you've met them all! These are our island puppies for you.

If you are currently looking for a canine addition to your family, we urge you to give these gorgeous babies a chance.

Take the plunge, adopt. The rewards you'll get in return for adopting and sticking by your dog would be beyond your wildest imagination.

Please drop us an email at for adoption enquiries. We will be more than pleased to hear from you!

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