Saturday, August 27, 2011

Send a bowl of love

In case you haven't been following our Facebook page, let me just fill you in on what has been happening.

We are involved in a meaningful campaign organised by Purina to raise food for animal shelters in Singapore. Aptly named the Send A Bowl of Love Campaign, all that is required is for any member of the public with a functioning Facebook account to head to the Purina PetsPlace Facebook page, "like" the page and click 3 times on different tabs to digitally "send a bowl of food" to his or her selected animal shelter. 

Each digital bowl translates to a 220g bowl of dog food in real life. Don't belittle the power of those 3 clicks. They can very possibly fill the stomach of one dog for a whole day! 

Everyone's been extremely kind us thus far. We've received many bowls of food and we are really feeling the love. We urge you not to stop, whether you're sending the love to us or the other participating shelters around. The campaign will only end when 5,909 bowls or 1,300kg of food has been donated. So keep the click-click-clicking coming our way!

You can access the PetsPlace Facebook Page here: Simply click on the tab "send a bowl of love" on the left hand column and let the loving begin!

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