Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kindness makes our world go round

I am aware there has been a long hiatus since my last entry. But now I am back, with some great big thank yous to say to some kind souls on behalf of Gentle Paws and Friends!

In the scene of dog rescue, Gentle Paws may well be considered a baby, a newcomer to the scene where many have long pitched their battles and others have come and gone.

Gentle Paws has scrambled to find its place in the world of local dog rescue. I think we are really beginning to to have one firm foot on this rather slippery ground. We couldn't have done it without kind, generous people we met along the way who genuinely care about us, our dogs and our continued survival.

These people are humble individuals, all struggling to make a living. They are not commercial entities with much excess to give. Yet, they find it in their hearts to make hefty contributions to the shelter, when they could have well taken the money and gone on a well deserved holiday. 

It is our pleasure to have crossed paths with these wonderful people in this great, big and oftentimes messy world.

First up, we would like to thank a very wonderful GINNY. We asked her for the picture so we could put it up here on the blog and announce to the world just how great she is. Paiseh lah, we were told. But that shouldn't stop us from going on to credit her with the recognition that she plainly deserves. Ginny set up a flea market stall at *Scape on 25 June 2011 from 2-9PM selling stash from her wardrobe that she no longer wanted. In seven long hours, she raised for Gentle Paws the whopping sum of $750. 

If you are interested in reading more about the sale, you can do so at Ginny's blog at http://ginnistic.com/2011/07/02/paws-and-think-its-for-a-gentle-cause/.

Dillon says thank you with a wink!

Thank you Ginny for everything you've done. Thank you for picking us amongst all the non-profit organisations that we are sure could have done with the help as well. You could have done so much with the sum of $750 and we are absolutely honoured that you decided to give it to us. 

Next up, there's the contributions of one famous blogger, QiuQiu. I am guessing she needs no further introduction. Qiuqiu, or Qiuting as we know her, wrote to us last Christmas day, desperately beseeching us to board one MOO MOO, a dog her sister rescued when he was just a puppy. At that time, we didn't know who Qiu Qiu was or the extent of her popularity. All we knew was that it was Christmas and we just couldn't reject this genuine cry for assistance.

We thought that by doing what we did, we were giving them a Christmas gift. But it turned out that we received the best gift of all - one loyal hardy brown spotted Moo Moo and his very lovable Ang family. Qiuting and her family were boarding their dog with us, but to them, there was never a clear boarding dog/shelter dog divide. When they had a spare hand, they would bring other dogs for a walk along with their beloved MooMoo. When they had treats for the dogs, they'd make sure there was enough to go around.

Qiuqiu collaborated with Milly's, a manicure/pedicure parlor located at Far East Plaze #03-129, to raise some money for Gentle Paws. While Milly's generously contributed complimentary vouchers for express manicure and coloured hair extensions, Qiuting took care of the publicity and logistics like meeting the purchasers to confirm payment and to hand them the vouchers.

This whole project was really something that this busy blogger didn't have to do. But she did. And because she did, us folks at Gentle Paws are terribly (or ought it be happily?) moved. Together with Milly's, Qiuting raised over $825 and counting for the shelter.

In the face of such kindness, we don't know if any answer can ever suffice. So we'll keep it simple. Thank you Milly's, thank you Qiuting, our leggy Megan Fox, for so silently going the distance for this humble shelter. This is a great big thing you are doing and we truly appreciate it.

In the area of dog rescue, we condemn humans and the unimaginable cruelty they can dole out on harmless, innocent animals. But for every cruel, maniacal human being, there's another kind, caring soul out there. Dog rescue can make us disillusioned with the human race. But that shouldn't make us blind to the kindness that still exists.

Right here, right now, we are more aware than ever of the kindness that is all around. It is this very kindness that makes the Gentle Paws world go round.

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