Thursday, January 27, 2011

Furry Day January - Completed!

I didn't go for furry day this time. But I've got the pictures to show me what went on that day.

I remember waking up and worrying that the skies might open and pour on us. The weather had been so unpredictable lately, we just couldn't count on it.

But thank heavens, the day turned out sunny. Just the perfect weather for a day at the beach.

Because of our events like furry day and  the pledge a walk program... we've got some people writing in asking us whether our dogs stay with us on a permanent basis.

Our aim is to provide a home for our dogs. But what kind of home can a shelter be? Our dogs only get human companionship 3-4 hours a day. For the rest of the time, they are left to their own devices. We can't be certain that they aren't bullied by their fellow furry friends. We can't protect them from other creatures that run about at night - rats. We can't shield them from any disease or ailments that plague the whole area where the shelter is located.

Ultimately, a shelter - given its condition - is not a permanent home. No matter how much we try, it can never replace a home. We do the best that we can. But each day, we hope that the dogs can get out of the shelter, build a bond with a human owner and have the owner to hold on to them and never let go.

But reality is... adoption is that difficult. And when we're searching far and wide for that elusive good home for our dogs, we try our best to provide a happy, vibrant environment for our dogs, no matter whether their stay with us be a few days, months or years. Furry day = happy days, so be sure that there will be many more furry days to come!

I can't provide you with a play-by-play report on furry day this time. So do take a look at the pictures yourself and decide whether or not you intend to join us on our next trip to the park! Thank you one and all for participating. Furry day couldn't have happened without YOU!

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