Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Can you believe it? It's Christmas time again! It's once again that magical, cheery season filled with familiar Christmas songs, frantic Christmas shopping and  inexplicable good cheer. Everyone's a little happier, a little less uptight and a whole lot more giving. It's a time when we remember our loved ones, give thanks for their very presence and feel grateful for everything that we have.

I don't know about you, but I sure feel that way. Which is why this very entry will revolve around the sappy theme of love. We've had some hard times this past few months. I've gotten some feedback that my entries have been quite dark and dreary. So this Christmas, I'll only bring up good memories, not dwell on bad ones. Let me take the time to remember those who've passed us by, to appreciate those with us right now and to be hopeful of what is to come. 

I hope the following pictures convey the exact sentiments I'm trying to express. We have our ups and downs, but Gentle Paws is ultimately a place filled with love... the overflowing fountain of love, regard and belief our dogs have in us and in return, our growing love for them. 

These pictures show us the little things dogs do that are so darn loving they make your heart go all out to them.

And these pictures show the growing bond between Man and dog. Just look and you'll understand why not a single one of us can stay away from the shelter for long. These dogs love us unconditionally. It doesn't matter how long we've put them aside, it doesn't matter that we've even forgotten about them. As soon as we step into the shelter, they are positively bubbling with excitement and are completely ungrudging with their hugs and kisses. 

Yes. As you can see, the same man features with many of the dogs. This man is by far the furkids' favourite human being in the world. He is the furkids' main caretaker and the shelter's all round handyman. He cooks the food and feeds the furkids each day. He washes the compound before and after each meal. He repairs anything that needs mending - hoses, fans, lights etc. Every day that this man steps into the shelter, the tails of the furkids wag at a mile a minute as if each day at this time, it is Christmas all over again.

There are less pictures of Florence with the dogs but that doesn't mean she is any less essential. She is too busy scurrying about handling the behind-the-scenes matters that are crucial to keep the shelter running. This iron lady mends the cracked grounds of the shelter, handles boarding matters, organises flea markets, leads the team at adoption drives and carries a lot on those shoulders of hers. Together, this two form the core of Gentle Paws that you see today. 

Last of all, we would like to take a little time to remember all our furry friends who have left us. We cried, we prayed and we grieved. We hope these darlings are now at a better place, free of pain and suffering. We hope they know that we are missing them and that we will always miss them. Here's to Delilah, Xena, Dollar and Daixi, all of whom we loved and lost.





On behalf of Gentle Paws, we hope you and your folks have a warm, merry and absolutely crazy Christmas! Thank your for helping us in one way or another. Thank your for simply reading about us and wanting to know more. Before I go, let me just leave you with this picture of one very happy, laughing dog. 

May Christmas bring your as much joy as it does to this silly happy dog.

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