Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie...

This collection of sleepy photos is so irresistible that I just had to put them up to share them with you. The pictures show the peaceful sleeping faces of some of our furkids. The fact that they are able to sleep with such contentment on their faces fills us with pride. These dogs trust us. They know that they're in a safe place. Yet, the pictures also point out the stark reality that the shelter can breed boredom. Volunteers coming down during weekends may think nothing of what they are doing. But truth be told, they are the highlight of our furkids' week. It is during weekends when the quiet shelter fills with the presence of people, their noisy chatter and the hope of a much longed for walk.

And to round things up, here's our most stylish sleeper of all... Our precious Dakdakdei.

Until next time, goodnight one and all...

All credits for the beautiful pictures in this collection go to our in-house photog Sebastian.


  1. omgosh! Dak dak dei's sleeping pose is just too cute!

    I read somewhere that it's when dogs are at ease and feel safe that they will sleep belly up!

  2. haha that's very nice to hear :) you should have seen how insecure he was when he first came!


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