Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Furry Day

What do you get when you have 18 dogs, 10 humans, 1 van, 1 car and 1 beach? You get one extremely tiring, completely satisfying and very furry day!

Yes, 4th of July was Furry Day - a day when our dogs head out on their field trip to enjoy the sun, the sea and the salty breeze. We've had a few Furry Days in the past but never before has it been on such a mega scale. The logistics and manpower involved in bringing 18 dogs out was - to put it simply - crazy.

But thanks to our two very efficient coordinators, Ann and Edwin, we managed to pull it off.

We are glad to announce that Furry Day of July 2010 was a runaway success!

Furry Day didn't start out a positive note. It had just poured the night before and the skies looked ominous. We were supposed to meet at 9, but by then, the dark clouds had yet to clear. There was no plan B. If the heavens opened and rained down on us, Furry Day was dunzo.

But it seemed like Lady Luck was smiling down on our furry friends. By the time we completed the task of loading the first 7 excited dogs onto the van, slowly but surely, the sun came shining through.

The execution of Furry Day was not unlike bringing a class of kindergarten kids out on an excursion. Some of the furkids were great pals while others kept growling at each other. We also had to pack drinking bowls, towels, poop bags, treats and toys. We were both anxious and excited for the dogs. Many of them had never seen the sea before, never heard the sound of the waves rushing to the shore or laid their paws on soft, warm sand.

It took 3 trips and about one hour to bring all 18 dogs to Pasir Ris Beach. And when we returned, every single one of them had to be showered and soaped to get rid of the salt and the sand. No doubt about it, we humans were exhausted beyond words. But watching the funny antics of our furkids at the beach was worth every ounce of energy it took to bring them there.

Some furkids tried their hand at swimming. (But only Doris truly took a dip)

Others enjoyed long strolls by the sea.

Destine found that he had a talent for digging holes in the sand.

Others thought it a brilliant idea as well.

There were sandy noses here....

And sandy noses there...

Dollar and Doris even had time for a little stroll and some girl talk.

When the furkids got tired, some headed for a drink...

Others simply flopped down on their belly for a break.

Some got called out for a little discipline...

Others cuddled up for a little lovin'.

There were happy faces here...


And everywhere!

Some gazed towards the sea in very serious, very deep thought...

Others just sat down looking very pretty!

Our little black girls were alternating between growling at others

And then looking quite very happy.

We had to get the dogs back at Gentle Paws' before the clock struck one. One o'clock was lunch time. We figured that after a morning of excitement, our dogs were bound to be famished. By twelve thirty, we packed up and were ready to go.

That spelled the end of Furry Day. But you know what the best part was?

This -

And this...

And this...

Seeing them so exhausted they just snuggled up to sleep was possibly the perfect gift for us. It was a rare sight and one that left us with a massive sense of accomplishment.

On the slight chance that any one who was at Pasir Ris beach that day is reading this, we thank you for being tolerant at the funny sight of 10 humans and 18 dogs. Thanks for sharing the beach with us and helping it all go smoothly.

So folks, in case you were wondering... this is Furry Day. Gentle Paws is a small outfit. In terms of dog rescue, we're probably just a small drop in a whole ocean out there. But we do the best with the dogs we have. Furry Day is in no way a substitute for a warm and loving home but it goes the distance in raising the spirits of the shelter dogs.

Bringing 18 dogs this time meant we had to leave over 20 dogs behind. That is why we still have our work cut out for us. So... Cheers to Furry Day and may there be many more to come!


  1. I am so proud of all of you. I have small dogs myself and am not sure how I will react to BIG dogs. But, please post future Furry Days on Facebook (I check that more often than this blog). I will try to help out if I can.
    (Inexperienced volunteer = 1 dog. :P)
    ~ Cheers, Lorain ~

  2. Hey Lorain,

    Thanks for your feedback! We'll update fb come the next Furry Day. And no worries! Inexperienced or not, thanks for offering to help!


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