Saturday, April 3, 2010

Opening Day

Hello everybody,

Can you believe it! April 3rd came and went. To be honest, it was an exhausting day and it has been an exhausting weekend. We realise there are still many things we have to attend to. We have to improve our drainage system, we have to install fans and lights, we have to think of a better way to keep the rain out and we have to clean the other cubicles. But you know what? We wouldn't have missed today for the world.

Your participation showed us the power of community. We would have had a lot of difficulty moving the bed, let alone the rusty metal cage, from the old place to our new home without your help. Do you know what these two lousy pieces of furniture mean to the dogs? They love lolling about the bed when they grow bored and have nothing to do. Daixin and Daixi have their meals in the old metal cage every day. Sometimes, Debbie will join them in there.

Thank you for coming down to show your support - in whatever way you did. We hope today was an eye-opener for first-timers. We also hope the volunteers who have come down before continue to come down again. Thank you for buying our drinks and postcards. Thank you for the sponsorship of food, medicine, toys, bowls, drinks, fans (and the list goes on...). Thank you for being interested enough to come down.

We will always look at our wall filled with handprints and think back fondly on our opening day. Here at Gentle Paws, we want to shout out a big THANK YOU!

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