Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sponsor-a-Dog Today!

Do you ever wish to have a dog, but because of your lifestyle, your other commitments or housing constraints are prevented from having one? Or do you simply wish to contribute to a meaningful cause? The Sponsor-A-Dog (SAD) Program is a program designed to bring you closer to our dogs by allowing you to get to know one of our dogs better and help sponsor it to give it a better life.


The program involves a contribution of any sum a month to aid in the caring of a particular dog. The amount of contribution is really based on your own discretion. We usually receive sponsorships ranging from $10 to $50 a month. Though we hope that this program can help cultivate a close and lasting relationship between sponsor and dog, this remains purely voluntary and sponsors may opt out of it should any problems, financial or otherwise, arise. Also, due to the tight constraint of funds, we are accepting more than one sponsor for each dog and we seek the understanding of potential sponsors.


The sum contributed will generally go towards the daily needs of the dog. First up, it will help sponsor its daily meal at the shelter. This usually consists of rice, meat, anchovies, vegetables and kibbles. It will also go towards the purchase of shampoo or needs of the common pool of dogs. It might also go towards payment of any medical bills the dog incurs should it happen to fall ill. 


We will keep you updated about the dog you decide to sponsor and you can come down to visit him/her any time you wish. If the particular dog has any re-homing opportunities, we will also keep you updated.


If you are interested in participating in our program, please do drop us an email at We will then forward you a catalogue of our dogs containing the necessary information to help you make your decision! Thanks for giving us your time!


  1. hi may i no is dai xi still able to adopt ??

  2. Hi Wesley,

    dai-xi is still up for sponsorship. you may like to know that due to the high cost involved in helping the dogs, we do not limit the number of sponsors per dog. thanks!

    you may like to email us at for more information.

  3. may i no do u have a hotmail account

  4. Hi Wesley,

    you can send email to our gmail account from a hotmail account too. or would you like to leave your email so that we can email you?


  5. hi, i would love to sponsor a dog.. how do i go abt with the whole procedure.

    email me at maysze.t@gmail.


  6. hi

    i am interested in sponsoring, as well as possible volunteering opportunities.

    mail me @

  7. Hi I'm interested in sponsoring and be a volunteer there.

    Pls email me at


  8. I am interested in volunteering as well as sponsoring pls email me at

  9. I've dropped an email to you on the sponsor-a-dog & woof-woof-roof programs. My email address is Please respond. Thanks.

  10. Hi I would like to sponsor too. Please contact me Thanks.

  11. Hi I would like to know more abt the sponsor a dog program, pls contact me at

  12. I would like to sponsor and volunteer, may I know how I can go about doing it?

  13. Zan (On behalf of GPF)December 14, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    Dear all, hope our emails had reached you.

    To Joanne Tay, would you mind leaving your email address or you can email us at so that we can provide you with more information. Thanks!

  14. Is there a way we me and a friend could volunteer at ths dog shelter? We are both rather interested...


  15. Hi,
    I would like to sponsor a dog. Please email me at Thanks.

  16. Hi .
    interested in sponsoring a dog .
    mail me at thanks .


  17. Hi, I will lik to know more abt the monthly contribution n wat type of volunteering work available....... Please send email to thanks

  18. Hi, I'm Xiang Yin, a 24 year old female Singaporean, procurement specialist in the oil and field industry, and would like to sponsor a dog. I'm unsure of any other personal particulars required, so how do I go about it please.

    I have a few dogs and also questions in mind, before eventually coming to a decision.

    Please email me at


  19. Hi, i would love to sponsor a dog (or maybe even a few) do let me know the procedure and what i have to do? Do you limit the age to sponsorship?
    Email me:


  20. Hi, I would like to sponsor a dog. May I know the procedure? I would also like to volunteer during this June if it is possible. My volunteer hours can be both weekdays and weekends.
    My email is
    Hope to hear from you:)

  21. Hi there!

    Am interested in sponsoring a dog. Could I please have more info. Also, I would like to bring a young friend and ardent animal lover by sometime to help out in the shelter or just to spread some cheer to the animals.

    Please email


  22. Hi

    Am keen on sponsoring a dog, can you send me more details to this email:

  23. i would like to sponsor a dog, can I know more about it?

  24. hi,

    i'm interested in sponsoring a dog. would like to know how do i go about doing it. Please email me at


  25. I would like to sponsoring a dog as well. Please email me at for more information. Thank you very much :D

  26. Hello,

    I'm interested in sponsoring a dog. Mail me for my details! thanks! ;)

  27. Hi,
    I'd like to sponsoring a dog as well. Please email me at for details. Thank you very much!

    Best Regards,

  28. Hello,
    I've dropped you guys an email about being a regular volunteer and I'm interested in sponsoring a dog. my email is Please reply, Thank you!


  29. Hi,
    I'm looking into adopting a dog and/or/if not, sponsoring.
    I've had 3 pet dogs (all at one time) before, all small breeds.
    The 1st one was bought from a pet shop, the other 2 were given up by previous owners.
    2 of them died in 2010, due to old age and illness, aged 15 and 10.
    The 3rd one is now 10yrs old, temperamental as he has difficulty in walking due to a bad fall when he was a puppy, and we still have to keep him in his cage when no one is at home keeping watch on him.
    I've just started learning about dog adoption and its objectives, here and on ASD website.
    I've once considered getting another pet dog but seriously, after visits to pet farms and pet shops, I'm now deeply disgusted by how breeders and store-owners treat and make use of our man's-best-friends.
    However, I'm staying in a HDB flat... hence I'm not sure how possible it is for me to adopt a dog.
    I don't mind local cross-breeds although I've not kept one before.
    I've taken in 2 dogs before, but this is the 1st time I'm doing it through a proper channel.
    I'm open to suggestions, if you find me eligible and useful in some ways, do contact me.

    Wai Kheong

  30. hi, i would love to sponsor a dog too...
    please email me at thank u!!!


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