About Us

Gentle Paws is a privately run shelter housing over 40 dogs, taking care of their food, shelter and medical needs. 

We actively try to find homes for them through online avenues and adoption drives. But for those who are not so lucky, we aim to be a safe haven away from the rough and tumble of the streets and wilderness. 

We are a small, close-knit outfit who pride ourselves not on the number of dogs we can rescue but the quality of care we can provide for our existing charges. 

We have a flexible weekend volunteer program to allow busy city dwellers to slow their pace down a little and experience life beyond the office. We provide first hand opportunities for volunteers to get to know our dogs by walking and showering them. 

We believe only by closing the distance between the people and our dogs will the issues of over supply of dogs and the critical need for adoption become less abstract and more real. We also hope to play a part in eliminating breed bias and in letting the world know that Mongrel is not a bad word. 

As of August 2014, we have found homes for almost 90 dogs. Add this figure to the number of dogs currently under our care and those who have sadly passed on, no less than 130 dogs have walked through our gates over the past 4 years for a much needed reprieve. 

Our work doesn't stop here. The road ahead of us is long and unchartered. 

Follow our progress. Watch us overcome the obstacles we face in running our four year old shelter. Join us in our fight to make our furkids' life a life worth living.